Bibi Fatima{r.a}

Hazrat Bibi Fatima{a.s}  

Bibi Fatimah Zehra [SA] the daughter of the Holy Prophet Mohammed [PBUH] of Islam, was born in Mecca on 20th jumada ‘th-thaniyah 18 B.H.
The good and noble lady Khadijah and the Apostle Of Allah bestowed all their natural love, care and devotion on their lovable child Fatimah, who in her turn was extremely fond of her parents. 

The Princess of the House of the Prophet, was very intelligent,
accomplished and cheerful. Her sermons, poems and sayings serve, 
as an index to her strength of character and nobility of mind.
Her virtues gained her the title “Our Lady of Light”. She was tall,
slender and endowed with great beauty, which caused her to be called
” az-Zahra’ ” (the Lady of Light). She was called az-Zahra’ 
also because her light used to shine among those in heaven. 

After arriving in Medina , she was married to Hazrat Ali A.S, 
in the first year after Hijrah, 

She gave birth to three sons and two daughters. Her children, Hasan, Husayn, Zaynab and Umm Kulthum are well-known for their piety, goodness and generosity. Their strength of character and actions changed the course of history.
The Holy Prophet [PBUH] said, “Fatimah AS is a piece of my heart”. 
He would go out to receive his daughter whenever she came from 
her husband’s house. Every morning on his way to the Masjid, 
he would pass by Fatimah’s house and say, “as-Salamu ‘alaykum ya ahli
bayti ‘n-nubuwwah wa ma’dani ‘r-risalah” (peace be on you O the Household of Prophethood and the Source of Messengership).  

The Best Woman:
Fatimah is famous and acknowledged as the “Sayyidatu nisa’i ‘l-’alamin”
(Leader of all the women of the world for all times) because 
the Prophethood of Muhammad would not have been everlasting 
without her. The Prophet is the perfect example for men,
but could not be so for women. For all the verses revealed in 
the Holy Qur’an for women, Fatimah is the perfect model, who
translated every verse into action. In her lifetime, she was a 
complete woman,being Daughter, Wife and Mother at the same time.
As a daughter, she loved her parents so much, that she won their 
love and regard to such an extent that the Holy Prophet used to rise,
whenever she came near him. As a wife, she was very devoted. 
she never asked Hazrat ‘Ali (A.S) for anything in her whole life.
As a mother, she cared for and brought up wonderful children; 
they have left their marks on the face of the world, which 
time will not be able to erase. 

Insha Allah,in memory of Hazrat Bibi Fatima{r.a},real pictures of house of Bibi Fatima has been uploaded.Do not miss this occasions as you will see pictures of house which Rasoullah{swallalahu alaihi wassallam} (himself) visited.Jazakallah.