The holy month of Rabbi-‘ul-Awwal

Rabi-‘ul-Awwal dargah awlia

It is during this holy month of Rabbi-‘ul-Awwal (Rabbi-‘ul-oulaa) that Allah sub’haanahu-wa-ta’ala had chosen to send on earth (that is to make take birth) his beloved and last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustwafaa as a blessing for the worlds that is the whole universe. He took birth on the 12th day of the month of Rabbi-‘ul-awwal, is was a monday, at the time of Subha-saadiq, which is day dawn, during the year of the event of the elephant (waaqi’a-e-Feel) according to the most authentic report. According to the gregorian calendar, it was on August 20, year 570 of the Christian era.

It should be noted that the 12th of the month of Rabbi-‘ul-Awwal is not only the famous Meelaad-un-Nabi (birth of the holy Prophet ), but also the date of his wafaat (death), it was a Monday too, of the 11th year of Hijrat (11 Hijri), i.e the 8th of june of the year 632 according to the Gregorian calendar.

It should be pointed out that we, muslims of the “Ahlé sunnat wal jama’at” conviction, always celebrate the birth of the holy messenger of Allah, since he is alive and will always stay alive till the day of qiyaamat (the end of this world and time) and even beyond.

When the new moon of Rabbi-‘ul-Awwal become visible, perform after the namaz Maghrib, 2 raka’ats of namaz nafil as follows: in each raka’at, after the sourah al-Faatihah, read 3 times the sourah al-Ikhlaass. After the salaam, lisez 100 times the Darood shareef and do Isaale-thawaabs unto all beloveds of Allah, that is, the prophets, sahaabas, taabi’eens, taaba-taabi’eens, swaliheens (grace of Allah be upon them all).

Also, the awliya-Allah (r.a) advised us to do, from the 1st until 12th day of this sacred month, each day after the namaz Isha, 4 raka’ats of namaz nafil, in each raka’at after the sourah al-Faatihah, read 21 times the sourah al-Ikhlaass. After the salaam, read the sourah Yaaseen et and do du’a Iswaale-thawaab. If you don’t get the opportunity to do this special namaz nafil during these 12 days, do it if possible every 10 days of Rabbi-‘ul-Awwal or otherwise the 1th, 2nd, 8th, 10th et 12th or if you really don’t have such occasions, do it at least on the 12th day. On doing this special namaz nafil, many awliya-Allah (r.a) got the great and priceless gift to see the holy Prophet in dreams and the latter even told them : « You are mine ».

During this blessed month of the birth of the holy Prophet , we make many ceremonies of Meelaad and speeches on the life of the holy Prophet . Indeed, many people nowadays think that these ceremonies are not compulsory, but a true believer can’t remain insensitive to the arrival among us of the one that Allah himself consider as the blessing for the worlds ! After all, the whole Koran isn’t it a praise to the holy Prophet ? So, celebrating the holy messenger of Allah is a sunnate-Ilaahi (principle of Allah himself) and it is logic that whilst doing it, we will reep the blessings of Allah tabaaraka-wa-ta’ala. Aameen!

Happy festivals of Eid-e-Meelaad-un-Nabi Mubaarak to all of you!