Syed Ashraf Jahangir Simnani{RA}


Name: Meer Auhaduddin Syed Ashraf.

Titles: Jahangir, Ghousul Alam, Mahboobe Yazdani.

Hazrat Asharaf jahangir Semnani Shrine dargah by Dargah Awlia

Hazrat Asharaf jahangir Semnani{RA} dargah by Dargah Awlia

Lineage: Syed Ashraf S/o Sultan Syed Ibrahim Noor Bakhshi S/o Sultan Syed Imaduddin Noor Bakhshi S/o Sultan Syed Nizamuddin Alisher S/o Sultan Zahiruddin Mohammad S/o Sultan Tajuddin Bahlol, S/o Syed Mohammad Noor Bakshi, S/o Syed Mehdi, S/o Syed kamaluddin, S/o Syed Jamaluddin, S/o Syed Hasan Sharif , S/o Syed Abu Mohammad, S/o Syed Abul Moosa Ali, S/o Syed Ismail Sani, S/o Syed Abul Hasan Mohammad, S/o Syed Ismail Arij, S/o Hazrat Jafar Sadique{RA}, S/o Imam Mohammad Baquar{RA}, S/o Imam Zainul Abedin{RA}, S/o Imam Hossain{RA}, S/o Hazrat Ali{RA}

Father: Syed Ibrahim Noor Bakshi was the father of Sultan Syed Asharaf Jahangir Simnani (R.A.) He was the king of Simnan, where he ruled with utmost Justice and sincerity for 20 years. He was not only a king , but a proficient scholor of theology, and inwardly inclined to mysticism.(Tasuvvf) He respected Islamic savants and patronized Islamic institutions. That is why in his regime, twelve thousand students were gaining education in different institutions. He often met mystics (Sufia) of his time and gained mystical knowledge. He got constructed a Khanquah (an abode for holy men) of Hazrat Shaikh Hasan Sakkak and shrine of Imame Azam (R.A) He was deeply fond of studying books particularly Tarikhe Tibri was in his regular study. Hazrat Nazame Yamani in Lataefe ashrafi, has mentioned that Hazrat Makhdoom Simnani used to say that twelve thousand Islamic institutions were functioning in his father’s regime.

Mother :- Bibi Khadija Begam was the mother of Syed Makhdoom Ashraf simnani (R.A) She belonged to the dynasty of Khwaja Ahmed Yeswi who was a distinguished Sufi (Mystic) of his time and founder of Yewaisia order. She was brought up in a neat and pure religious surroundings as result of which she was deeply religious minded, pious and godly. She passed most of his time in prayer and recitation of the holy Qurran. She often observed fasting in day and woke up at night to be engrossed in prayer. She was very very punctual to Tahajjud (Prayer said after midnight ) In short, Khadija Begam was the trustworthy of spiritual trusts of her ancestors.

Date and Place of Birth: He was born in Simman (Iran) in 708 (A.H)

Prophecy of Birth: His father, Sultan Ibrahim married with Bibi Khadija Begam at the age of twenty five years. He had only two or three daughters and no son, After the birth of daughters, there was no issue up to eight years. He was grieved at heart. One morning, he and his wife Bibi Khadija Begum were sitting together on Mosallah (Carper for saying prayer) All of a sudden Hazrat Ibrahim Mazzoob entered in to the palace. Both were astonished to see him. Hazrat sultan Ibrahim stood up and went forward to greet him. He made him sit on the throne and both husband and wife were standing bending their heads before him . Seeing such a noble courtesy meted out to him, he said “ Probably you are desirous of son ”. Hearing it both were extremely glad and said, “ It will be our good luck if you bestow a son ”Ibrahim Mazzoob again said, “its price is very much as I will give you an extraordinary thing” . Sultan Ibrahim readily said, “whatever you order, I am ready to fulfill it .”

Ibrahim Mazzoob said, “I want one thousand Dinar.” Sultan Ibrahim presented one thoudand dinar before him. Ibrahim, Mazzoob stood up happily and said, “O Ibrahim (To Himself) you gave hawk (baz) to Sultan Ibrahim and he bought it cheaf. ” Hazrat Sultan Ibrahim went forward with him as a respect. Turning back, Ibrahim Mazzoob saw him and said, “ What do you want more; you have got your son.” It is also narrated that one night Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa (Sal Allaho Alaiyhe Wa Sallam) came in his dream and predicted that a waliullah (Friend of Allah) was to be born in his house; His name will be Syed Ashraf.


When Hazrat Sultan Syed Ashraf Jahangir Simnani (R.A.) was four years four months and four days old, his father got performed the tradition of Bismillah Khani (Beginning reading with the name of Allah) by a highly learned and Sufi of his time named Hazrat Imeduddin Tabrezi (R.A.) It is said that Hazrat Syed Ashraf was very intelligent beyond description. He completed Hifz (learn by heart) of the holy Quran with seven types of Querat (recitation) in seven years. After completing it, he got himself engaged in the education of different branches of theology like Tafseer (Commentary) Hadith (Narration of Sayings of the holy prophet) Fiquah (Islamic jurisprudence) and other allied subjects. He obtained full proficiency in all these branches of Islamic education at the age of fourteen years. His name and fame as a proficient Islamic Scholar reached in the Madrasas of Iraque. From the very students life , his extraordinary ability and proficiency had impressed the savants of Bagdadh and they had acknowledged it with admiration , Nizame Yamani in Lataefe Ashrafi described it in a couplet:

English:He had become so famous from his very student life that the men of letters admitted (His intelligence).

Accession to the throne

After the sad demise of the father, sultan Ibrahim, (R.A.) became the king of Simnan at the age of 15 years. He ruled over Simnan with utmost justice and impartiality for twelve years. He gained popularity as a true , sincere and just king in every corner of simnan. Peace and tranquility prevailed every where. The subjects were prosperous and happy. No citizen dared to tyrannise anyone. Hazarat Nizame Yamani has narrated an incident listening from Hazrat Alauddowla simnani. (R.A) that Syed Ashraf Jahagir went out for hunting along with his soldiers. He continued hunting in the rural areas for two or three days. He was looking at an animal caught by hawk (Baz). Just at that time an old woman from the village approached him seeking justice. She narrated that one of his soldier had forcibly taken her curd. Syed Ashraf Jahangir simnani (R.A) asked her to recognize amongst those soldiers who had taken her curd. She said that the culprit was not amongst them .Just at that moment, a soldier appeared coming with a hunting in his land, looking at him the old woman recognized and told that was the very person who had forcibly taken her curd. The soldier denied the allegation but Hazrat Makhdoon Simnani asked him to eat some flies. No sooner did the flies go into his stomach than he vomitted and the curd came out. Hazrat Makhdoon Simnani gave away his horse with saddle to the old woman and beat him black and blue. Hazrat Nizame Yamani has given description of his justice in the following couplets which is translated into English Below:

Translation :-
a. When the throne of Simnan flourished due to him, his justice spread in the world
b. In the period of his justice, whole world turned in to garden and justice bore fruits.
c. If elephants wants to pass through the head of ant, the ant looks at with stiff eyes.
d. That it is the period of sultan Ashraf, how can your tyranny be justified on me.

Books by Hazrat Syed Ashraf Jahangir Simnani (R.A.)

Hazrat Syed Ashraf Jahangir Simnani (R.A) has written a number of books on different subjects which indicate that he was an unparalleled savant of Theology and other related subjects of his time. Books written by him are as follows: –

(1) Kanzul Asrar.
(2) Lataefe Ashrafi (a collection of his spiritual sayings)
(3) Maktubate Ashrafi
(4) Sharhe Sikandar Nama
(5) Sirrul Asrar
(6) Sharhe Awereful Marif
(7) Sharhe Fosusul Hakam
(8) Quawaedul Aquaed
(9) Ashraful Ansab
(10) Bahrul Azkar
(11) Ashraful Fawaed
(12) Ashraful Ansab
(13) Fawaedul Ashraf
(14) Tanbihul Akhwan
(15) Bashara Tuzzakerin
(16) Basharatul Ikhwan
(17) Musta Lehate Tasuwwuf
(18) Manaquibe Khulfae Rashedin
(19) Hujjaluzza kerin
(20) Fatwa Ashrafia
(21) Tafseere Noor Bakhhia
(22) Irshadul Ikhwan
(23) Resala Wahdatulwajud
(24) Resala Dar Tajweze tane Yazid
(25) Bahrul Haquaeque
(26) Nahve Ashrafia
(27) Kanzuddaquaeque
(28) Basharatul Mureedin
(29) Diwan –e– Ashraf.


Hazrat Makhdoom Simnani (R.A.) left this world on 28th Muharram 808 (AH) Before his death, he had got prepared his grave. He went on 26th Muharram to visit his grave where he saw pen and paper kept in the side of grave. He sat in the grave and wrote two booklets namely Basharatul Muradin and Resalai Qubria some extracts from Resalai Quabria is presented.

In this short time (how long I stayed in the grave) seventy thousand splendor (Tajalli) of elegence (jamal) of Allah descended on this Faquir ; and intimate friends (Moquarraban) of Allah (Angiles) showed so much exalting (Izaz) and kindness that can’t be expressed in words; the announcer from the Sublime court of Allah (Bargehe Ilahi) announced in the world of angiles (Alame Malakut) That “ Ashraf is my beloved (Mahboob) I (Allah) write kindness and forgiveness on the forehead of his disciples; and cares his disciples with absolution (Magferat) and forgiveness (Mafi)”. All prais to Allah this glad lidings for our campanions. After that it was the order of Allah, eight thousands angles Thirty thousand of Haramain sharifain , one thousand from bailtul Moquaddes , one thousand s Abdal of Maghrib (west) one thousand Rejalud Ghaib of Sarndip and one thousand maradane Ghaib from yaman will perform your bath your funeral prayer will be said infront of baillutulah Sharif and you will be buried in the earth for the benefit of slaves (Banda); he who comes on your grave will get his end and absolution (Maghferat).