The celestial voyage of the holy Prophet{saw} : An absolute and indisputable fact.

Mi’raaj is the famous celestial voyage that Allah ta’ ala made his beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustapha {saw} achieve, a gift that no other prophet had had before him, that is the privilege and the honor to be received by of Allah ta’ala, to visit him and to be in his divine presence.

First of all, let us underline the miraculous character of such an event. According to the very principle of miracles, the prophets (ambiyaa) achieve miracles (mu’jizah) and the awliya-Allah (friends of Allah) achieve miracles (karaamat) only by the will of Allah. Therefore, if one has a doubt about the fact that the holy Prophet{saw} achieved physically, therefore it is like having a doubt about the capacities of Allah ta’ala himself. No doubt, Allah ta’ala made his beloved Prophet in his state of physical awake.

This sacred voyage, took place in two stages. The first, horizontal, called Asraa (from Makkah shareef to Palestine) and the second, vertical, called Mi’raaj (from ground level, crossing the seven skies to go up towards Allah ta’ala).

Concerning Asraa, Allah ta’ala certify it to us in the holy Koran in these terms: 

“Praise be to him, the one who in one night, made his servant travel, from the holy mosque (masjid-il-haraam) to the distant mosque (Masjid-il-aqsa), which we blessed its neighbourhoods, to show to him some of our signs (miracles), certainly He (Allah) is the one who hears and observes”. [sourah 17 – verse 1].

We all know that this great voyage of Mi’raaj comprises many facets, but here is a small summary: This event took place during the 12th year after the declaration of the prophecy, the 27th night of the month of Rajab, a Monday. The messenger of Allah was resting in the house of his cousin Hazrat Ummé Haani (r.a) when Allah ta’ala sent Hazrat Jibraïl (a.s) (angel Gabriel) accompanied by a whole procession of farishtas (angels) and also of the buraaq (mount). According to the narrative account, the holy Prophet achieved special ghusal and wazu and achieved 2 raka’ats nafils in front of holy Ka’bah and the voyage began. On the course towards Palestine, the holy Prophet visited several places like Madinah shareef (his future hometown), the mount Sinai where there was the tomb (qabar) of Hazrat Mousa (a.s). On the way towards Palestine, the holy Prophet also visited the tomb of Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s). Once arrived to Palestine, the holy Prophet achieved the namaz as Imaam in front of all the prophets (a.s), who thus achieved this swalaat behind the Head of all the Prophets, Hazrat Muhammad Mustwafa .

Afterwards, from Palestine, the holy Prophet and his procession of light took the way of the sky to go towards Allah ta’ala.

Throughout the seven skies, Allah’s Apostle greeted many other prophets (a.s) before pursuing on his way. Then the holy Prophet arrived in the supreme presence of Allah ta’ala. He approached to an approximate distance comparable with the distance from an arc of arrow to his cord or even nearer. Concerning Mi’raaj, Allah subhaanahu wa ta’ala specifies us in the holy Koran in the first verses (8 to 15) of the sourah 53 (the stars) in these terms:

“It was within the distance of two arcs or even closer… Close to the lotus of the limit (sidratul muntahaa). There is the garden of the paradise”

It is during this sacred meeting that Namaz (Swalaat) was offered to the people (ummat) of the holy Prophet who also visited the Paradise (jannat) and saw the Hell (jahannam) and other creations of Allah ta’ala before returning to earth in very short lapse of time and the following day he narrated to his people about this journey.

Special ibaadats recommended during Laÿlat-ul-Asraa-wal-Mi’raaj.

The holy Prophet ( S A.W )said that those who achieve ibaadats (acts of worship) during this blessed night and moreover observe the fast (roza) the following day, will get 100 years reward of ibaadats.

Read during this night, 12 raka’ats of namaz nafil, in each raka’at, after surah al-Faatiha (Alhamdu…), read 3 times surah al-Ikhlaas (Qul huwallaahu ahad…).

After these namazs, read 100 times the Daroud shareef, 100 times the 3rd kalimah (Subhaanallaahi walhamdu lillaahi walaa ilaaha illallaahu wallaahu akbar walaa hawla walaa quwwata illaa billaahil `aliyyil `azweem), 100 times Istighfaar (Astaghfirullaaha rabbee min kulli zambinw-wa atoubu ilaÿh), 100 times again Daroud shareef and then ask your du’as.

Spend the whole night in ibaadats if possible and/or make the ibaadats according to your capacity and do not forget to observe the roza (fast) the following day without forgetting to achieve the namaz Fajar in jama’at (congregation).