Peer Zahoor Shah{Ra}

Peer zahoor shah dargah shrine by dargah awlia mauritius {jahoor dada ra}

Sayed Peer Zahoor Shah Quaderi (r.a) a famous person in Mauritius  and was born in 1892 in India.

He left his local inhabitant in India at the age of 18 to migrate to Mauritius.
He had walked about 3 months from his natal village to Bombay where he took a boat to come to Mauritius.

Just after he arrived in Mauritius, he settled at Rose Belle, he lived there for 3 years just to have the permission to establish in Mauritius.
Three years later he established in the city of Port Louis at Nouvelle ti Montagne street.
He was earning his living through a small shop.

He carried out the fifth pillar of Islam that is hajj on 25 October 1902 and had returned back to Mauritius on 7 August 1903.

In 1906 his unique daughter Bibi Catoun was born, She got Married in 1917 in the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal with Sayed peer Dawood shah(r.a) at taher bagh.

Sayed Peer Jahoor Shah Quaderi (r.a) passed away in April 1939,safar 1358,His namaz janaza was done by Mawlana Abdoul Aleem Siddiqui (r.a), while Mawlana was in visit to Mauritius,at Jummah Masjid,Port Louis.

His Dargah {shrine},is situated in the Kabarastan{cemetary} of Riche Terre.