The 4th month of the Islamic calendar is Rabbi-`ul-Aakhir.


On the third day of the visibility of the moon of this month, after the namaz Isha, perform 4 raka’ats of namaz nafils, with in each raka’at, after sourah Al-Faatihah, anyone other sourah you know. After the salaam, read 111 times “Yaa Badii’u-Yaa Allah ” and then made your du’as.


Verily it is on the 11th day of this month that was deceased (wafaat), the Head of all awliya-Allah (friends of Allah) (r.a), Hazrat Sayyidina Abu Muhammad Shaÿkh Abdul Qaadir Jeelani (r.a) in Baghdad shareef. It was in the year 561 hijri (1182 gregorian). Among his innumerable titles: Ghawthé-`Aazam, Ghawthé-Paak, Ghawthus-Swamdaani, Ghawthuth-Thaqalaÿn, Peeraané-Peer Dastageer, Qutbé-Rabbaani, Haÿkalin-Nouraani, Swaahibil-`Ishaarati, Muhyinid-deen, Mahboubé-Subhaani, Sayyidil-Awliya, etc…


Since, the sunnis Muslims throughout the world celebrates the ‘Urs of this great scholar through programs such as Faatihah, Tilaawat-ul-Quraan, Khaÿraat and give food to the poor and to all those who assist. It is a kind of miracle, that so many years after his death (wafaat), the poor continue to obtain food on his behalf, and this in many countries through the world where his `urs is celebrated.


Also, for this time, large the `Ulamas (scholars), Shaÿkh (spiritual heads), Masha-ikhs (spiritual Guides), Muhaddith, Muftis, Imaams of all the times, have recognized the value and the highness of Hazrat Sayyidina Ghawth-e-Paak (r.a) and the great honor that Allah granted him, continue to celebrate the `urs of this Great Saint, who is a true torch of Islam in his time and who still continues to light the people (ummat) of the beloved and noble Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustwafa .