Ala Hazrat,Imam Ahmad Raza Khan{Ra}


Imam e Ahle Sunnat,Imam Ahmad{Ahmed} raza khan Bareilly{ra} shrine{dargah} in India{inside,outside view}by dargahawlia,...urs barelvi sunni

Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan was born on 10th  Shauwal 1272 A.H corresponding to 14th June 1856 A.D.  He was named ‘Muhammad’ in Aqiqa. His grandfather  suggested his name as “Ahmad Raza’. His mother called  him ‘Amman Miyan.” His chronogramical name is  ‘Al-Mukhtar’ (1272 A.H.)

Growing young he deducted chrogram of his birth by  this verse of the Holy Quran.
These are they in whose hearts Alllah has inscribed  faith and helped them with spirit from Himself.  (Mujadalah :22)  (The translation)
In the age of 4 he completed the reading of the Holy  Quran. In the age of 6 he delivered a lecture, sitting  on the pulpit, in a big crowd.  In the age of 8 he wrote the commentary on the book  “Hidayat-an-Nahau” In the age of 10, wrote commentary  on ‘Musallim-al-saboot’.  In the age of 13 years. 10 months & 4 days he  completed his education & was honored with the turban  of excellence.

From the very day he began to write  Fatwa (Verdict). He wrote his first verdict on the  issue of ‘fosterage’

Imam e Ahle Sunnat,Imam Ahmad{Ahmed} raza khan Bareilly{ra} shrine{dargah} in India{inside,outside view}by dargahawlia,...urs barelvi sunni

Teachers  of Imam Ahmad Raza
1- Imam Ahmad Raza received his education from his  father, Maulana Naqi Ali Khan & various other  teachers.
2- He learnt a few books of urdu & Persian from Mirza  Ghulam Qadir Baig Bareilvi (d-1883 AD)
3- He also learnt a little from Maulana Abdul Ali  Rampuri (d-1885 A D)
4- Besides them, he was also taught by his saintly  guide His holiness Shah Aale- Rasool Marehravi (d 1879  A D)
5- He also learnt some formulae of Jafr (Numerology &  literology) from his guide’s grand son shah Abul  Hussain Noori Marehravi ( d 1906)

Imam Ahmad Raza was comferred certificates of Hadith  & Jurisprudence by the following Ulama :-
1- Hazrat shaikh Ahmad bin Zain Dahlan (d 1881 A.D.)
2- Hazrat shaikh Abdul Rahman siraj Makkih (d-1883  A.D)
3- Hazrat shaikh Hussain bin saleh (d 1884 A.D)  In the age of 18 (1874 AD) he was married & had  become father of a son (Maulana Hamid Raza Khan) in  1875 A.D.

Title of Ala Hazrat

After declaration of his revivership in Patna, Ahle Sunnat-wa-Jamaah began to call and write

“Alahazrat means a great person. A’la means Highest and Hazrat means threshold. No doubt! he is A’lahazrat.
Today this title ‘A’lahazrat has become Imam Ahmad Raza’s name & whenever this world is spoken or written the mind of the listener or reader directly diverts to Imam Ahmad Raza & even Non-Muslims also-under stand that this is said for the Maulana of Bareilly.

First Hajj pilgrimage

Imam Ahmad Raza went to his first Hajj piligrimage & visit to the Holy Madinah, along with his parents. Hazrat Hussain bin Saleh, Shafai Mufti, seeing Imam Ahmad Raza, Said :-
“I see Allah’s light in his forehead. He is the light of the Deen (Ziauddin)”

He conferred Imam Ahmad Raza, the certificate of six collection of Hadith & Caliphate in Qadriya Saintly order.

Maulana Ahmad Zain Dahlan Makki and Shaikh Abdul Rahman Siraj Makki, the Hanfi Mufti also conferred him the certificates of Hadith, Excegecis, Jurisprudence and princple of Jurisprudence.

Discipleship & Caliphate

Imam Ahmad Raza and his father Maulana Naqi Ali Khan went to Marehra (a rural town in District Etah U.P.) along with Maulana Abdul Qadir Budauni, in order to receive discipleship from Maulana Syed Aale-Rasool Ahmadi, Sajjada Nasheen of Khanqahe Barkatia in 1877.
Imam Ahmad Raza & his father were welcome with unusual honours. His holiness shah Aale-Rasool accepted both as his disciples right way, though a long period of waiting & training for purification was customary. Imam Ahmad Raza and his father received caliphate and permission in 13 Sufiorders too. On making Imam Ahma Raza, the disciple & on conferring him Caliphate and permission immediately, the grand son & Janasheen of His holiness Shah Aale Rasool, Shah Abul Hussain Ahmad Noori questioned shah Sahab:-
“Here no body is accepted in discipleship without tranning & mystic exercise but Ahmad Raza Khan was immediately linked into saintly chain & conferred caliphate and permission too. why is it so “?

Hazrat Shah Aale Rasool replied :-
” People come for becoming discple in polluted state, therfore. are purified by training and mystic exercise but Ahmad Raza was pure and clean. He needed only connection that I did”. He further stated that :-
“Now he could die in peace, knowing that when Allah asked him what had he brought him from the world, he could offer him Ahmad Raza in reply” .

What a lovely style of proud of his disciple ?
His holiness shah Abul Hussain Ahmad Noori also said
Imam Ahmad Raza “Scion of Barkati family” & even said
“In this age Maulana Ahmad Raza Khan saheb is the
touch stone of Sunniat.”

Declaration of Reviver ship

In 1900 A.D. in an anti Nadwa congregation in Patna held by Qazi Abdul waheed Azimabadi (d-1908 ) Maulana Abdul Muqtadir Budauni addressed Imam Ahmad Raza as :-
” Janab Aalime Ahle Sunnat, Mujaddide Meate Hazira Maulana Ahmad Raza Khan Saheb.”

( ie Reverred Aalim of Ahle Sunnat, the reviver of present century, Maulana Ahmad Raza Khan Saheb)

The Ulama and Mashaikh, participated the conference, verifed the declaration of Maulana Abdul Muqtadir Budauni & admitted Imam Ahmad Raza, the reviver of 14th century Hijrah.

Second Hajj pilgrimage

Imam Ahmad Raza went to perform his second Hajj pilgrimage & visit to the Holy Madinah in 1905. This was a historical Hajj Pilgrimage of Imam Ahmad Raza. He received a warm welcome from a number of Ulama and Mashaikh of the Holy Hermain, (The Holy Makkah & The Madinah) & other Islamic countries.

The Ulama and Mashaikh received certificates, Caliphates and permissions from Imam Ahmad Raza & Wrote favoravable notes on his writings and admired his scholarship.

Verification of Reviver ship

As has been said that in anti Nadwa conference Maulana Abdul Muqtadir Budauni had declared Imam Ahmad Raza, the reviver of 14th century Hijra & the Ulama & Mashaikh verified it but actually the Ulama & Mashiakh of the Holy Hermain & Muslim world confirmed it in 1905 when they ratified his fatwa of “Husamul Hermain” and paid him homage. They awarded him various titles such as :- “Reviver of Ummah”, “wonder of the world”, “Perfect teacher”. “Guide & Saint”, “supreme Alim”, “ocean of excellences & Fatawa” (Verdicts) “centre of the circle of knowledges”, “the lion of Allah”, “sword on the throat of Wahabism”, “leader of Muhaddithin & Jurists”, the great beneficence,” light of his era & the future” etc.

The Holy Makkah :- Ismail bin Khalil, Ahmad Al Jazairi, Hussain bin Muhammad.
The Holy Madinah:- Ahmad Bin Muhammad, Yusuf bin Ismail Nibhani, Abdul Qadir Hilmul Hasani, Abdullah Ahmad Asadul-keelani, Muhammad Taufique Al Aiyubi-Al Ansari, Moosa Ali Alshami.
Syria :- Ahmad Ramadhan, Muhammad Aafandi.
Egypt :- Ibraheem Al-Muattius-Saqa-ul-Shafai, Abdul Rahman.
Iraque :-. Muhammad Sayeed bin Abdul Qadir Qadri Naqshbandi etc

Shrine of Ala Hazrat


Imam Ahmad Raza passed away on 25th Safar 1340 A.H/28th october 1921 A.D, the Friday on 2:38 P.M. at the age of 68 years according to lunar month & 65 years according to solar month.